Friday, May 14, 2010

Movie Review: Just Wright

And so begins my summer of rom-coms. Today I had to choose between "Just Wright" and "Letters to Juliet". I'll see the latter on a weekday. I started my today with Queen Latifah and Common.

Spoiler Alert: I'm revealing the plot.

Latifah plays Leslie Wright, a 35-yr old physical therapist who's looking for love but getting categorized as a homegirl by men she dates. Common plays Scott McKnight, an NBA star for the New Jersey Nets and a gentleman. The other main player in this movie is Morgan, Leslie's godsister and played by Paula Patton. She's the gold-digger whose "job" is to hook an NBA star and become a brand. Leslie and Scott's meet-cute (I totally stole that from "The Holiday") is at a gas station which leads to an invite at Scott's birthday party at his house. Leslie brings Morgan along. She lies about volunteering and gets Scott first. Then his career goes on the rocks because of a knee injury. Morgan leaves. Leslie is left to be with Scott as his physical therapist. They fall in love. Scott's knee heals. His career is back on track. Morgan appears. Bad Scott move. Leslie leaves. NBA teams trying to recruit Leslie as a therapist/trainer. In the middle of a TV interview, Scott realizes he loves Leslie. Morgan realizes Scott loves Leslie and tells Scott where to find her. Scott goes to Leslie, "I love you." Leslie to Scott, "I love you." They get married. Roll credits.

The plot is very predictable. But the scenes between Leslie and Scott are sweet. This rom-com is more on the romantic side as the movie plays out how the relationship between Leslie and Scott grows.

Latifah is amazing, as always. And beautiful. As always. She put a great balance on Leslie. Wanting love, but not desperate. Homegirl, but not a doormat. Strong, but not overbearing.

Common was, I thought, at first...too subtle. A subtle NBA star. I didn't believe it. But his character, Scott McKnight, was a gentleman NBA star who likes jazz, plays the piano, loves his mama, and has "not changed." And as I watched the movie, Common worked for the part. He held his own. Didn't get overshadowed like I first thought. He played the part in almost a strong and silent type of way. He wasn't the usual rom-com male lead with all the bravado and "this is a great catch" sign on his back, even though that was given since his character was an NBA superstar. Oh and when he looked at Leslie as he fell in love with her, *tears* I believed it. I wanted to get lost in his eyes too. Funny thing is, Common wasn't in my radar. He was in "Date Night" as a bad detective, and I didn't even recognize him. I recognize him now.

Overall, "Just Wright" is a good watch. Predictable plot. But sweet. And makes you believe that you too can land an NBA superstar who's also a Prince Charming. Or "the one you can't live without." The one who's "Just Wright" for you. Haha. Sorry. I couldn't help myself.

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