Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

I'm not an environmentalist. In fact, I don't like dirt. I don't have a green thumb. I don't do the gardening thing. Stepping on soil makes me cringe. I can't even bring myself to go barefoot on grass. BUT.

Even I know that we need to take care of our planet better. As humans, we've been neglecting it and harming it. Even I know that going green is important.

In the Fall of 2004, I was running across a college campus. It was the first day of classes. I was lost. And it was RAINING. So hard. My favorite jeans were soaked from the puddles I tried to avoid. My hair was a mess.

Six years ago, Fall/Autumn was cold and wet. People bundled up. This past Fall felt like it was Summer. Students went to school in shorts, shirts, tank tops, and dresses. Six years ago, I had to wake up early to hose down and scrape off the ice from my car during Winter. This past Winter, the ice was so thin, my car's heater was enough to melt it away. I was able to do my carpool duties in my pajamas.

There are so many and much bigger signs of global warming, but if you want one closer to home, just compare the climate change of where you're at. We only have one world. I can be a very wasteful person, and in many ways I still am. But I'm willing to change. One simple change is a good thing. Like using reusable water bottles and CFL/energy-saving light bulbs. So hey, let's change the world for the better.

PS: If you watch Disney's "Oceans" on opening week (it came out today), a portion of ticket sales will be given to the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund. I'm not an animal person (I have a phobia of touching them), but I can definitely do my part for the animals from a distance.

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