Friday, April 23, 2010

Movie Review: The Back Up Plan

I loved "The Back Up Plan" with Jennifer Lopez and Alex O'Loughlin. It's a romantic comedy so it's right up my alley of movies. Plus it's a classic JLo rom-com: physical comedy, funny lines, little plot surprises, meet-cute, cute leading man, and happy happy ending.

There is, however, an element of gross in this film. Lopez's character, Zoe, deals with all the beauty...or not...of pregnancy. There's a transvaginal ultrasound scene and a natural birth scene which can gross out some people. These scenes also make this rom-com inappropriate for younger audiences. It is PG-13 for sexual content and references, some crude material, and language.

One of the things I loved about this film is Lopez's wardrobe! I LOVED her wardrobe. Her boho bag is chic. I believe she wore a pair of cute Louboutins with the white dress, in the scene where she first realized that her tummy just got bigger and none of her clothes fit. My favorite outfit she wore was this wide-leg pants with a tank top under a white vest. Accessorized with the boho bag, brown pumps, cute silver rings, and a thick brown leather boho fringe bracelet cuff that I'm dying to have. Must. Have. Boho. Bracelet. And. Bag.

Lopez also showed off her body when her character worked out at the gym, before her pregnancy was showing. Kudos to her because she did work to tone her body. Made me want to work out. Which I did shopping. That's right. I got my walk on. And no I couldn't find a similar looking boho bag and bracelet.

Another thing I loved about the film is that O'Louglin's character, Stan, is a farmer that sells goat cheese at farmer's market where the film is located, New York. His dream is to open a gourmet type store where people can buy good wine, cheese, etc. but everything is locally grown/bought. There's the positive plug for buying locally grown food and organic food from the farmer's market. Go support your local farmer's market.

Anthony Anderson plays Playground Dad, funny character that Stan speaks with about the ups & downs of pregnancy and the dreaded pregnancy pillow. I thought it was a treat because I've only been watching him play a serious detective on Law & Order.

I didn't cry in this movie. Surprising. Rom-coms usually have that tear jerker scene, and there is such a scene, but not enough of a tear-jerker to make me cry. That's the surprising part because I cry easily. Sometimes I cry with commercials.

Overall, if you want to laugh and want to watch a romantic comedy, watch "The Back Up Plan."

Speaking of movies, there's a lot of upcoming movies that I'm planning to see. There seems to be a good number of movies coming up that I'm putting on my "watch" list, including: The Karate Kid, Killers, Beastly, Letters to Juliet, The Last Airbender, Babies, Just Wright, SATC 2, Knight and Day, and Ramona and Beezus. And these maybes: Prince of Persia, Salt, Eat Pray Love, and Furry Vengeance (not a big animal film but it has Brendan Fraser so...). Haha. So many! It's gonna be a fun summer.

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