Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Is Bigger Better?

Is bigger necessarily better? I propose not.

Facebook's Cafe World is having a sale on expanding your cafe, and they associated expansion with moving up. Expansion is better. Bigger is better. But is it? Will expanding my cafe help me sell more food? Will expanding my cafe give me a 105.0 buzz rating? Will expanding my cafe make me a happier cafe owner?

I have a small cafe in Cafe World and I'm happy with that. I have a lot of cafe coins. My buzz rating is almost always 105.0. And I'm not addicted.

Bigger is not always better. Having a bigger cafe doesn't guarantee you happiness. It doesn't mean you'll attract more customers. Cooking more food doesn't mean you'll make more coins. A bigger cafe doesn't mean getting the highest buzz rating (105.0).

Bigger is not the key to a stronger church.

Oops...did I say church? I meant cafe. Oh, nope...yeah I meant church.

In Cafe World, the key to a stronger cafe is being smart with what you currently have. Being smart with how you spend your coins. Being on top of the dishes you cook, and not letting it spoil. Connecting with your cafe friends, with whom you can exchange gifts/dishes with. And knowing when to open your doors and close them while you get your act together.

In the real world, the key to a stronger church is almost the same. The Church* has to be smart with her finances. Like dishes served to others, the Church can't let her ministries spoil. She has to connect with the people around her, people she help and who help her. She has to know when to open her doors aka welcome new ideas, people, direction, etc. She has to know when to close her doors aka re-evaluate present ideas, people, direction, etc.

Some churches are big and strong churches. Some are big, but suffering. Some churches are small and suffering, but some are small and strong.

Bigger is not necessarily better. The truth is, the ultimate key to a strong Cafe World cafe lies with the creator of that cafe. If you're a smart cafe owner, it doesn't matter what size your cafe is. You can be successful.

The ultimate key to a strong church lies with the Creator. And aren't we blessed that our Creator is smart? It doesn't matter what size our church is. We can be successful if we follow the Creator.

*The Church is the bride of Christ, and so therefore is indicated with female pronouns.


catherine said...

Its not about the size of the church, but the health of the church (the actual people) healthy things grow naturally.

the end.

Am S. said...

seriously?! WOW! God has blessed u w/such an amazing talent! i was just thinking that i was gonna read some info on the sale and expanding my cafe... and then BAMMMM! hahaha good stuff :)