Friday, March 12, 2010

Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Norton...Blach!

"New" technology has managed to annoy me in less than 24 hours.

Mozilla Firefox 3.6: added the Yahoo! Toolbar that I specifically did not want. It slowed down my system. It changed my settings and that's just not cool. That's ugly.

Safari 4: All I'm saying is if your web browser isn't set up to get you to your homepage with just ONE click, it's sub-par. And the Safari 4 does NOT get you to your homepage with 1 click. Therefore it's sub-par. So many raves about it. So many good reviews. Oh, it's so slick. Oh, it's so fast. Oh, it's 100/100 in the Acid Test. Oh...blah, blah, blach. It takes FOREVER to install. It takes FOREVER to uninstall. It's a hassle that your bookmarks are not on a drop down menu. Instead, it takes you away from your current page and when you close Bookmarks, it has to reload the page you were on. Plus this:

I installed Safari; then uninstalled Firefox. I opened Safari and realized that it did not import my Bookmarks from Firefox. I kicked myself because I forgot to check first or import my bookmarks myself. Then I realized after 1 minute that I hated Safari. So I kicked myself again for losing my bookmarks. Oh well, what can you do. So I went and installed Google Chrome and voila! It imported my bookmarks from Firefox, the ones I thought I lost forever and have to manually rebuild.

Google Chrome: I'm about to love it except for this one tiny snag...

I cannot put a Norton Toolbar on it. Norton Toolbar is for Internet Explorer (that I have sworn off years ago) and for Mozilla Firefox. That blows.

Norton Support: But I still want to know if it's entirely possible to get the Norton Toolbar on Google Chrome or any other browser other than IE and Firefox. I have to ask. Can't hurt. BUT...They have to run a system check before I can contact an actual support person??? What is that all about???!!!??? All I want is one email for support, or one link or click that will take me to a support email form. Is that so hard to provide? To make things worse, I try to cancel the run they're doing and it goes whacko on me. Suddenly it is "Not Responding."

So what do I do?

I blog about all of these. I should be sleeping since it's past 3am, but I'm too frustrated. It's adding to my insomnia. There all these new technology or new products that promise user-friendliness, faster speeds, and reliability. But they're all BLACH! Say it like you're throwing up. Because I'm plain tired and want to throw in the towel.

This is for all businesses that create technology: Stop using consumers as lab rats! Stop giving us sub-par products while promising better products, while the truth is, you're giving us sub-par products because you want us to do the dirty work of testing and running and reporting the bugs and problems.

I'm going to test run this Chrome and see if it's really for me. I'm halfway to switching back to Firefox just because I LOVE the Norton Toolbar. I want it. I paid for it. I want it. I want to make the most of my money. I remember when Firefox came out and it was like the leading web browser. And's just frustrations. I'm starting to miss our first family computer: big, thick, no mouse, black screen, green font, and all you had to do was press the spacebar to shoot at the enemies.

Spacebar Mozilla Firefox 3.6!
Spacebar Safari 4!
Spacebar Google Chrome!
Spacebar Norton Support!
Spacebar! Spacebar! Spacebar!

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