Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Doors, Paths, and Comfort

In 2003, my church had a mission trip to the Philippines. I went, along with some people from the youth group and other adults. It was a comfortable mission trip. We joined a type of pastors conference in a villa type of resort. Then we were bussed around to different churches where we helped pass out food to the children. The churches were poor and some children chose not to eat but save the food they were given because they have mothers and siblings at home who were also hungry. At one point, I had to step aside to compose myself. It was a good mission trip for the first-timer, but I have to be truthful and say that it was a comfortable mission trip.

If you ask anyone who knows me very well, they will tell you that I like comfort. I once commented to my sister that I would very much like to join an archeological dig. Her first response was, "But you don't like dirt!" Well, I don't. I don't like sitting on the grass at the park. I don't like the beach because sand gets everywhere. I only like swimming in man-made swimming pools. I don't even like walking in my own backyard because it's a yard with dirt, mud, and creepy-crawlies.

Why then do I suddenly have it in my heart to join a mission trip where I'm guaranteed to be uncomfortable and dirty? And I'm not bothered by the thought at all. In fact, I'm excited because I know I'll be really and truly helping people instead of sitting at home and spending time in Facebook or playing Minesweeper and Mahjong Titans or trying to get the best scores in my Wii Fit Plus games.

Sometimes, doors and windows of opportunities open right before our eyes, but we don't see them. Well a door opened right in front of me and I saw it loud and clear. I stepped through that door, but I haven't been walking down the path long before I tripped on the first branch. Every door that God opens leads to a path that is not easy to walk. But if that door is opened by God, no man can close it. And I have to believe that. When I'm willing to sacrifice my comfort and my money for something that will take my physical and emotional energy, I have to believe it. This path is not of my own volition, but is a path of obedience. I just pray others understand that.

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