Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Trion Rising

I love discovering book series I enjoy. Although the downside is I end up having to buy all the books in the series. Sure I can borrow the books from the library or from a friend, except neither one has them. I digress.

I picked up Trion Rising from Berean Christian Stores. It's written by Robert Elmer and it's the first book in the Shadowside Trilogy (good news for me, only 3 books to buy). It's teen fiction, sci-fi. Book two is The Owling (released 2008) and book three is Beyond Corista (released 2009).

Trion Rising is a "What if..." book. The question: What would it be like if Jesus had come to another planet? Elmer wrote an engaging and adventurous story to answer that question. He is very imaginative with how he painted the planet Corista and its two sides: one that always light and one that's always dark. He also creatively came up with names for flowers, fruits, gadgets, and more.

What I like about Trion Rising is nicely put in this review:

“The Shadowside Trilogy is intended for a teen audience, but middle-graders who like fantasy, science fiction, or allegory will enjoy this series. It's hard to find fantasy and science fiction we can trust, but there are no worries with either Trion Rising or The Owling. It's a creative ‘What if?’ trip into another world.” — The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Elmer could have taken a lot of freedom when writing Trion Rising. He did, but he didn't abuse it. Anything was possible with another planet and Elmer took that and ran with it, but he also stayed true to the Christian message about the love of God for His people.

Kudos to Zondervan, who also published The Carter House Girls series, which I enjoy (but will now have to catch up with). I do have to note that it took me 3 days to finish the 332 pages. The book's not long, but I'm still sick and the cold front is getting to my asthma and my bones. Makes me feel older than I really am. Usually I devour books. I finish them in the course of 1 day...actually, more like 4 hours.

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