Thursday, September 24, 2009

Yum & Not So Yum

Not So Yum, but it's good for you: Cough drink

Equal parts of:
Garlic, blended/crushed
Kalamansi (also known as calamondin or acid orange or panama orange)

Drink a cup in the morning and a cup at night.
I feel better already, even though I drink it with a cup of water because I don't like the taste.
The ginger, so I hear, is the key because of its medicinal abilities.

Yum: Sitar Express Indian Fusion Cuisine

$7.54 (tax included) for dinner buffet

My friends and I entered and were greeted warmly and seated right away. The place wasn't packed at all, but it is Thursday night. Water was served right away, and it kept coming. I don't think our glasses' water level made it below halfway. The food was just delicious. I love peas so I loved the potato and green peas. I took a second serving of (I think this is it) chicken masala. The naan was my favorite. Yum when the aroma first hit me and yummy in my tummy! You have to ask for the naan and you can also ask for the garlic bread (it's naan with garlic and parsley and olive oil). The coconut rice pudding dessert was a nice cold ending, but I've had better rice pudding. My friends enjoyed the free chai tea. The one drawback was the seating arrangement. There were five of us, and we were seated in a tight-ish booth in the back. Getting in and out was a tiny hassle (and we were all girls, no burly or bigger built guys). However, the good food (and good company) made up for it.

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