Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Another reason to love Disney

Another reason to love Disney: they solved my iTunes problem when Apple couldn't.

I had problems viewing the digital copy of Hannah Montana the Movie that I downloaded onto my iTunes. When I play the movie, all I get is a gray screen (no video, no audio). I contacted Apple support and they gave me a laundry list of possible solutions, including messing with my computer settings. NONE worked. I contacted them again. They suggested I reinstall iTunes with the latest version, which is what I already had. Then they said that if reinstalling won't work (which I did by the way), I need to call Apple technical support and that there may be a fee associated with this call. Say what!?!

So I called Disney's DVD support. The caller took details of the problem and then transferred me to a tech guy. He walked me through ONE solution and it worked. The problem wasn't with the Disney Digital Copy. It was with the iTunes program. But Disney solved it.

It took almost 2 weeks going back and forth with Apple, and they couldn't solve the problem. It took about 10 minutes with Disney.

So if you're having the gray screen problem with iTunes when trying to view Digital Copy of a movie, here's what you do. On the top left of the iTunes application, select "Store". In that drop down menu, select "Authorize Computer". A window will pop up asking for your iTunes account information. Enter it. A window will then pop up saying that your computer has already been authorized. Click "OK". Now try to watch your movie. It should work.

Disney's explanation is that the problem lies with iTunes. That's not what the tech guy said, but that's basically it. iTunes don't always recognize the digital copy, blah, blah, blah.
I asked, "Am I going to have to authorize my computer everytime I add another digital copy?"
Tech Guy said, "You shouldn't have to, but you get another gray screen, just try doing it again."


Jenna said...

God bless you. I'm getting ready to go on vacation and loaded as many of my digital copies onto my netbook for the flight. For "Bolt," all I got was a gray screen and no sound. After downloading a new version of iTunes, restarting numerous times and loading everything else into Windows Media Player, I did a Google search. I found your blog entry, et voila, the solution! Thank you so much for taking the time to post this.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! Worked for me, too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, this worked for me too, but not at first. I had to restart iTunes after authorizing, which I guess is kind of a no brainer. A bit frustrating though.