Wednesday, August 12, 2009

VBS 2009

I'm in the process of making a slideshow with pictures from our VBS 2009. Unfortunately, I don't have all too interesting shots since I've been so busy that week that I really only remembered to bring my camera on one day. Shameful, I know. But alas, that's how it is. So I'm going to add more shame by getting on my knees and begging for pictures and videos. Especially ones from our Sunday presentation.

I'll be posting the slideshow at our Children's Ministry blog (which is, like this blog, not constantly updated - I am so sorry). Find the blog at The slideshow will not be there yet. Loading 15 of 49...

By the way, our VBS was held on the MWF of 2 consecutive weeks. So I was busy for those 2 weeks...and the weeks before it and the weeks leading to our Sunday presentation. So there you go. I can't be held responsible for my forgetfullness regarding said camera when I was running on less than five hours of sleep every day for weeks at a time.

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