Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Julie & Julia

I just saw "Julie & Julia", and I was inspired to make my way through something. Because, like the Julie character, I also start things I don't finish. Like scrapbooking, like my photography dark room, like knitting, like blogging. I still write in my blog, but never as often and nothing important really.

So here I am, starting something I probably won't finish. But I'll start it anyway because the whim is with me. I'm not going to cook my way through some cook book. Although that's another thing I stopped doing: cooking. I can cook, but I don't.

I'm going to write my way through the Journal Writing Daily Spark warm-up activities book. That way, I have to keep writing. I won't be going in order according to the book (just because I choose not to), and I won't be writing the prompts (but I will write the prompt title). But I will write, or at least try, one spark a day. There are "180 easy-to-use lessons and class activities". I don't want to do all 180, but I'll try.

So cyberspace, watch out for my daily spark.

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