Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Daily Spark 5

Daily Spark: Alone at Last!

I'm so low key that if my parents went to vacation, leaving me in charge of the house, I wouldn't do anything different. Not that I could anyway, my grandparents live with us. Even if they didn't, the tv/movie party scene because the parents are on vacay would never happen. I'm not much of a party person. Neither are my sisters. My brother's too young to scheme one and I have the feeling he's not much of a party person either. This is probably why my parents have no qualms leaving us for weeks, even an entire month.

The year of my 21st birthday, my parents left for a month-long mission trip to the Philippines. Before they left, I jokingly told my mom that they should gift me with a trip to another country because they were going to miss my birthday. I believe she smirked. So I told her that on my birthday I'm going to drink alcohol. She laughed in my face, because she knew I wouldn't. And I didn't.

I suppose my parents trust my siblings and me. They don't even leave us with a laundry list of rules. Mom just leaves me with one order: make sure your siblings eat. Even when I was a teenager and they would leave me in charge of the house and my younger siblings, they left me with one order: make sure your siblings eat. So I did. I guess that's the one thing I would do differently. I'd cook more, or order take-out more. Not much of a difference since I already do that.

One thing for sure though, when I have my own kids, I pray to God they're not party people, just like my siblings and me.

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