Thursday, August 20, 2009

Daily Spark 1

Daily Spark: About My Name (pg 3)

My mother named me Anna Angela. I don't know where Anna came from. I could ask Mother, but it's late. I do know that she named me Angela because it means angel messenger of the Lord. What I like about Anna is that there is a Bible character in Luke named Anna. She was a prophetess who prophesied over the Baby Jesus. And that's why I think Anna Angela flows well together (prophetess...angel messenger...get it?).

I'm quite fond of my name (and who says quite fond nowadays?), even though I usually just go by Angela. Only one person has constantly called me Anna. His name is Nathan (I think). I wouldn't change my name unless I have to.

If I have to change my name, I might choose Veronica, purely because of the way it rolls off your tongue. I'll admit that I don't like common names. You know what they are. You end up being numbered off like John 1 and John 2. Or you end up being John S. and John P. And speaking of John, I'm not too fond of "J" names. Forgive me, but there are so many people with "J" names. In my church of 150 average, there are 19 that I know of. Five are named John. I'm the only known Angela. I say known because there's technically another Angela, but we call her Angel or Ching-ching (she's like 4 years old). Most people don't believe me when I say her name is actually Angela.

When I have my own children, I'm going to give them uncommon names. Unique names that are livable, which means they won't end up hating me or being made fun of. I have my picks, but I won't let that out. Although I will say that I used to want to name my daughter Strawberry. My friends laughed, but they stopped when a girl named Strawberry came to Sunday School. Key words: used to. Gwyneth named her daughter Apple and now I'm not so hot on fruit names.

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