Monday, January 19, 2009

Review: Urban Decay Primer Potion

Practically everyone knows about this product. Practically everyone raves about it. So did I. Unfortunately, I can't love this product as much as I did before. I'm allergic to it. It's official.

At the first uses, everything was great. Then my left eyelid became irritated, especially around the inner corner. It stung. It itched. It even burned at one point. It made me tear up. It got so bad that I end up wiping off my make up, because oddly enough, the irritation only happened when there was something on my eye. And the worst part, it didn't prevent clumping/creasing (its intended purpose). It was the exact opposite. Everything clumped and creased.

Oh and yeah, you read it right. It was my LEFT eyelid. My right was fine...odd, I know.

So I stopped using this product after I found out that my best friend was allergic to it too. I thought maybe it was the cause of the irritation.

But the irritation continued. For a moment, I panicked that I was allergic to MAC eyeshadows (and boy did I freak out!) But it didn't matter what base, shadow, or brand I used. It was just irritated.

For months, I stopped wearing eye makeup, except for special occasions.
Then it was fine.
No more irritation.
I even forgot about the irritation.


I was at a friend's house just last week and we decided to play around with makeup. She's just learning and bought her first Urbad Decay Primer Potion. We used it.

I used it on both of my eyelids. My left eyelid is irritated again. Same symptoms.

It was my birthday last Friday.
My friends and I watched a movie and in the middle of it, I had to wipe off my make up (which was very cute too) because my eye stung badly. long 'till it goes back to normal?

So conclusions about the Urban Decay Primer Potion:

1. It's a great product for the general population. With my right eyelid, it was wonderful. No clumps. No creases. Made eyeshadows pop and stay. No irritation. However...

2. There's a few of us who are allergic to it. If you're unsure if it will cause irritation for you, find a friend who owns one and test it out first. I don't know how you can test it without putting it on your eyelids though. It only irritates my left eyelid. If I put it on the back of my hand, no symptoms. So I guess with some things, you won't know until you try.

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