Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Getting DISorganized for the New Year

A lot of people & sites are talking about getting organized for the new year, but let's face it. I'm hopeless. So I decided I'll get disorganized for the new year. I'm going to do a New Year purge. I'll ransack my storage aka bedroom and start throwing things out. Well...some I'll probably chuck in the garbage, but most I'll put in a bag to donate. But I wonder, can my messy room handle any more mess? Do you want to follow my line of thinking? Here it goes...

I figured that if I do a room purge, my room will get messier. But a lot of the mess will be the things I don't want/like/need anymore aka clutter. Then I'll throw/donate the clutter. The mess will be gone. Except for the mess that's already in the room, like the Christmas gifts I received that I haven't put away yet or the random purses and clothes strewn everywhere. But since I did a purge, there'll be more room in my closet and shelves. I'll be able to put away the original mess in the proper places. And in the end, my room will be clean!



Yeah, okay, just go with me on this one.

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