Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ode to Canada Pie

I saw this pumpkin pie in Lucky's supermarket here in the USofA.
So you see, Americans don't really dislike Canadians.

I think Canada's pretty.
I want to re-visit the Capilano Bridge. I didn't cross it the first time and only time I've been there, and now not crossing it is one of my big regrets. It's like a life metaphor for me too.

I've got to cross the bridge to get to the other side/find out what's on the other side. Meaning, I've got to go through the obstacles/challenges/bridges in my life to get to the other side of it. To be able to move on. To be a victor or an overcomer, I need to at least try.

BUT there are some things I wouldn't even want to try. I don't think there's a first time for everything. Like, I would never want to have a first time for drugs. Or first time in jail. Or first time murdering someone.

But there are some things that I may be afraid to try that I should at least try. Like crossing the Capilano bridge. Or some other life thing =)

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