Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bubble Wrap Keychain

Sometimes I think Walmart ruins everything. So now, you don't have to be exclusively a ThinkGeek fan to have a Bubble Wrap Keychain.

ThinkGeek's Bubble Wrap Keychain:
white only, $9.99 plus shipping & handling and tax (is there tax?)

Walmart's Bubble Wrap Keychain:
white, blue, green, and pink, $5.86 (plus tax)

So I was tempted to get the pink one because pink's my favorite color. But I already bought the ThinkGeek one. I kept thinking, "Geez. Look at Walmart's. Half the price and in pink." But at least Walmart didn't carry these when I bought mine with ThinkGeek. And you know what...ThinkGeek still rules! Who told Walmart about these anyway, huh?

I was thinking of boycotting these from Walmart, but I caved. I did buy one (white) for a gift exchange (I'm adding it with another game). I just love mine and it's so addicting, that I thought...okay, let's share the addiction to somebody else.

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