Wednesday, October 15, 2008

War, Inc.

I just watched War, Inc. I thought it was a disturbing, funny, absurd satire, and I love it. But I love John Cusack's films anyway. Some don't like the bleeding heart at the end, but I do. I watch movies to be entertained, and I like movies with happy endings. So if a movie wears the heart on its sleeve, yay for me. War, Inc. did leave this gagging, creepy-crawly feeling with me because of the issues it targets, and all I could do is shake my head at the nasty parts of this world (since I still believe there's good left on Earth). Then again, I like it when Cusack leaves me with that gagging, creepy-crawly feeling. Overall, I was entertained and I got my dose of dark/off-beat humor, so now I'm off to take my midterm. about disturbing.

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