Thursday, October 16, 2008

Beauty Haul

MAC and Sephora beauty/makeup haul today.
I had fun =)

Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo Spray, Sephora daily Brush Cleaner, Benefit She Laq

MAC: Date Night dazzleglass, Danger Zone mineralize eye shadow, Adoring Carmine Neutral Lips (I like the box. I'm a box keeper...hehe).

Ya know, I used to mind that my make-up doesn't show as much on pictures as on real life, and usually, I have to pack it for it to show at all on my skin. I think it's cuz I'm brown =) But I don't mind anymore. I don't wear cosmetics on a daily basis, but I did a haul today. So I have to have fun. Weirdly, I used Royal Assets (an older haul) for my shadow. But I liked the match with my shirt, so yeah. The dazzleglass is making me go ooooh! And I'm testing She Laq. If I showed you how my shadow turns up at the end of the day, you'd be like...ew. And I use primer, oil control lotion, cream base/cream shadow like paint pots, and MAC fix (the mist). Shadow & foundation never stays for long on my face. It's not fair. So I hope She Laq works.

Eyes: MAC Pearl Frost cream base, Royal Assets Warm Eyes (nobility, club, showstopper), Benefit She Laq on the shadow (I'm testing it).
Lips: MAC Hot 'N' Saucy Tendertone lip balm & Date Night dazzleglass

Look at me shaking the Oscar Blandi dry shampoo spray can. There were reviews of nozzle clogs, and I don't want that to happen. I like the smell btw. And it worked...until I started running my fingers through my hair too much. My hair got oily all over again. Hah. I'm such an oily person. What's up with that? My sisters got the good genes...

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