Monday, September 22, 2008


I think someone (one of my sisters) planted an Annoy-a-tron in my room.
See, the beeping I couldn't care less.
What caught my attention is the idea that there's an Annoy-a-tron in my room.
And it's gonna bug me that I can't find it.
Maybe something else is causing that beeping and I'm just paranoid.
I'll tell you one thing.
If I find an Annoy-a-tron in my room, IT'S MINE!

****two minutes after above post****

I lie down on my bed, waiting for a beep. Maybe I can locate the source.


I did.

I'm happy and sad.

I'm happy because the beeping has stopped.
I'm sad because it's NOT an Annoy-a-tron.

It's the smoke detector.
It "chirps" when the battery is running low.
The instructions inside said chirp instead of beep.
And yes, my dad put a smoke detector in my room.

Aww...and I wanted an Annoy-a-tron...

I think I'll go pop bubble electronic bubble wrap keychain that is!

I love Think Geek! You guys rock!

Oh! And...

Happy first day of Fall to all!

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