Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Rant of the day

Designers seem to have an inability to create dresses that do NOT have either of the following:
- plunging neckline
- short hemline
- barely there straps if there are straps to begin with
- a combination of all or any of the above

without the dress looking like this:

Or have a print like this:

Can you give me a break?
Then if you find such dress, try finding it in a "plus size".

Okay, Dove people, you've tackled this issue:

Now dress them up!


My class was in the computer lab. We were about to take a quiz (online). Person next to me does the cross sign (touch the forhead, chest, shoulders). Person does it several times before the quiz began. Then we took the actual quiz. I zipped through it. Most people did.

Then Person asked me if I knew the answer to a question. I didn't (I had guessed), and even if I did, why would I help Person cheat? Person asked other people for answers.

When it seemed like most people were finished, Professor canvassed the class for those who need more time to complete the quiz. Person was one of them.

Then, after a while, Person started to say, "Oh God. Oh God. Sh*t. F**k. Oh God. F**k."
Person got up and spoke with the professor.

Professor stood up and asked, "Did anyone else get locked out of the quiz?"

Cue laugh track.

Person got locked out of the quiz!

Let's recap.

Person does the cross sign, I'm guess as a sign of the "God help me on this quiz" prayer.
Then Person tries to CHEAT!

God, just and funny as He is, locked Person out of the quiz.

So Person starts to SWEAR.

But God is merciful. Professor adjusted the problem and Person was able to take the quiz.

BUT God didn't forget Person's profanity.

Person was able to take the quiz. But all previous answers were erased.

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