Saturday, April 05, 2008

Janina San Miguel's interview for Binibining Pilipinas

I cannot believe Janina San Miguel won and is moving on to represent the Philippines in the Miss World competition. I hope they train her to speak English properly. It's doesn't have anything to do with the accent. A lot of people speak English with an accent. It's the way the accent affected her words (pamily instead of family, for example). She had a lot of grammatical errors as well (ie: they was).

She also did not answer the question. The question was what role her family had in her being in that competition. Her answer was that her family is important to her.

The pressure must be tough, that's true. But she crumbled embarrassingly.

San Miguel is a 17 year old Mass Communication major. That and the fact that she even entered this competition leaves one to expect her to be more eloquent.

Melanie Marquez said, "May karapatan siyang magkamali sa Ingles kung maganda siya." Translated, Marques said that if San Miguel is beautiful, and she is, then she has a right to make mistakes in the way she speaks English.

Marquez, that's a lot of bull. It's also very shallow. Beauty does not grant rights.

Ruffa Gutierrez said, "Beauty with a purpose, and beauty with brains." I agree. San Miguel needs to polish her speaking skills in time for the international competition. She's going to be the Philippine's representative.

As of right now, I think most people are wondering what will happen in the Miss World competition. On the plus side, San Miguel has time. Use it wisely.

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