Monday, April 21, 2008


"Hancock" is due to release July 2, 2008. I want to see it.

Okay, I might be hallucinating or delusional, but I swear that I have seen the trailer for "Hancock" LONG before "I Am Legend" ever came out with any trailers.

Okay, so I just deleted my whole spill on how I think I was going crazy because I saw the trailer for "Hancock" since last year and long before "I Am Legend", but everything seems to be screaming at me that it's not possible. But it is! Because I found a blog entry from August of last year about "Hancock" with movie stills and another entry from December of last year with a trailer. So there! I am not crazy! I am not delusional! And what in the world held up the release of this movie? Well I don't really care, but I like funny movies and even though some people are saying this won't turn out to be such a good movie, I'm attracted to it and I want to watch it.

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