Saturday, March 29, 2008

Woke up at 2:20am to the sound of flipping out and wigging out. That's not a band or a song, btw.
Now, I can't sleep.

I did a MAC Heatherette haul.
Drove far to a Nordstrom MAC counter for Hollywood Nights (and it's worth it!).
I also bought the 2 pigments: Jardin Aires and Pink Pearl (haven't tried them).
Last, I bought Smooth Harmony (love it as a blush...LOVE the packaging, the true reason I bought it!).
I surprised myself by skipping the trio, and I wanted Lola Divine, nail lacquer, but I end up chipping my nail polish right away anyway. And especially now that I got back into piano, I keep them nice and short. I hate clicking on the keys.

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