Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Yes, we're all rejoicing because the writers' strike is over. I had to write about this quote from Yahoo! TV Beta: "Expected to shoot an indeterminate number of episodes to air in spring." This was the quote for: Law and Order, Law and Order: CI, and Law and Order: SVU. Three of my favorite shows! They have been going on for a long time now, and the "indeterminate number of episodes" rings true. I'm glad it does.

I'm looking forward to what will unfold in Medium, but I'm mostly looking at Sofia Vassilieva, the 15 yr old actress (turning sweet 16 this Oct. 2008) who plays the eldest daughter, Ariel Dubois. Since she's older, it's interesting to see how they will play out her character. More involved in the episodes, maybe...but how or in what way?

Also looking forward to Scrubs, even if they just release straight to dvd. Other shows on my watch list are Heroes and Chuck. I used to watch Gossip Girl, but got tired of the drama with the quickness. I also used to watch Crossing Jordan, but that's been done for a while now (and I'm sad about it).

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