Sunday, December 02, 2007



The only good thing about it is its 10" screen and the internal battery.

The Interface is NOT user friendly at all.

There are four rectangular buttons on the front end, all right next to each other. They are black like the player. They are not labeled. If you have stuby fingers, good luck. I don't have stuby fingers and I still had to get used to pressing those buttons.

What are they? The one on the very right is the main menu button. Next to it is subtitles. Next to that, I can't remember at the moment. The one of the farthest left is screen brightness (if a movie is playing) and another menu if there's no dvd in the player.

The latch to open the cover where you put in the dvd disc is AWKWARD. You have to push and lift.

There is no remote control.

At first you might think that the silver buttons (stop, pause, play, forward, back, next & previous chapter buttons) look slick. They sure do, until you use them. Then it just looks used with fingerprints and finger oils all over them.

What's my biggest annoyance with this player? After only having it for a little over a week, and after having PROPERLY used it for less than ten times...this is the scenario I now face:

I put in a dvd disc and closed the cover.

The DVD player, on the upper left corner has this sign: Loading.

So I wait.

Then this sign: No Disc.


I put in a different dvd disc.

"No Disc"


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