Monday, November 05, 2007

The recent earthquake suprisingly has left me disconcerted even today. I think, though, as the days go on, the more I feel unsettled. I don't know why. I've been in worse earthquakes before. I think it might be the thought of a devastating earthquake that could happen.

I heard in the radio news about a woman who was given 5 minutes to get whatever she wants from her house before the fire engulfed everything else she owned. That's not even about the earthquake, but I keep thinking about it. What if I was given 5 minutes to grab whatever I wanted before disaster reaches me. What would I grab? That woman had a house full of things to think about. My possessions are contained in one room. What would I grab? I thought about first grabbing my huge luggage. In it, I'll dump all my DVDs, my CD case, my makeup and fragrances, my camera equipment, a few clothes, deodorant, a box of tampons, my photo albums, and any important documents I have (passport, birth certificate, etc). Of course I'll grab the purse that has my wallet, planner, cell phone, digital camera, pen, and notebook in it (I always have a purse that contains those things, or at least my wallet, planner, cell phone, and a pen).

My list looks so superficial. I feel sad. Am I superficial? I have so many things in my room and some in the garage. I would want to save most of them. I have skeins of yarn and knitting needles. I have a postcard collection somewhere among my stationery and stickers. I have so much books. At least two whole shelves worth of books, both fiction and nonfiction (books I read for fun and books I read for classes). I have diaries and journals. My laptop and USB sticks. My bags and purses. My shoes. My roll up piano and djembe drum. My certificates, diploma, and ribbons and cords from graduation.

I don't want disaster to strike. I don't want an act of man to be a disaster in my life (like a robbery). I don't think it's really about not wanting my material possessions to be taken away from me or to be destroyed. I think it's the memories behind them that I don't want taken away.
My heart and prayers go out to the victims of disasters right now (may it be earthquake, fire, flood, or the consequence of man's actions). I think you have a strength that I have not found, and I do hope that somehow and one day, your life will continue with more joy and peace than before.

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