Tuesday, October 30, 2007

With the flood in New Orleans, and now the fire in San Diego (plus other natural disasters scattered throughout the world), it makes you wonder when it would be our turn. When would nature strike us and shake our world upside down?

Tonight at about 8:05pm, a 5.6 earthquake centered in the Alum Rock area rattled my parents' mirrors for roughly 30 seconds. I was watching The Singing Bee with my mom and my brother when I heard the mirror closet doors shake and felt nature prodding my house. I promptly got out of the chair and headed towards a frame dividing the bed area with the master bedroom sinks. My mother and brother followed.

The length is what's bothersome because it leaves you wondering...

Will this seemingly small magnitude earthquake escalate to a bigger one?
If so, how big and how much damage would there be?
Are my family members okay?
Oh, I hear them. They're okay.
My sister's at work. Is she feeling this right now? Is she okay?
My grandma's at work too...
Oh good, it stopped.
Don't leave the frame. There might be an aftershock.
Where's that aftershock?
Shouldn't there be a breaking news right about now?

Tonight leaves me wondering. We are succeptible to earthquake. The San Andreas fault is in our neck of the country. Are we ready? Are we ready to face a calamity, if one happens? We don't have a blanket of protection when it comes to nature. Most times we think we do. I think we should live comfortably and not in fear, but not in denial either.

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