Friday, September 21, 2007

Jack Carpenter (bevelled picture above).

A dork? No way!

When I saw Jack Carpenter in "Sydney White", I knew that he is actually handsome. I believe I muttered to myself, "That guy's hot." Even though Jack plays Lenny, one of the seven dorks, movie magic, at least hair, makeup, and wardrobe, didn't faze me. So am I right? Oh yes I am!
Check out his IMDB photo below.

As for the rest of the cast in the movie, props to Amanda Bynes and the writers for making Snow White (now named Sydney White)...offbeat in a very good way. It's always a pleasure to watch Amanda.

Shout out to Sara Paxton. I enjoy watching her in movies, may she be a good or bad character (Two movies I own displaying both of her abilities to play the good and the bad are "Aquamarine" and "Sleepover"). In this movie, she plays the modern day witch, Rachel Witchburn.

Shout out Crystal Hunt who plays Dinky, Sydney's friend whom she meets in college. The entire movie, I wanted to find out where I've seen Crystal from. Well, I saw her in "The Derby Stallion". Never heard of it? Me neither, until Brian saw it in the then Albertsons movie rental. What compelled me to pay a buck to watch it? Zac Efron. You heard me. Zac Efron stars in a movie about a boy and horses. What? Really? And it's not a musical? Well it isn't. Good for you Zac. Well, better for Crystal and her kissing scene with the musical star.

But pardon my taunting of Mr. Efron. He has a lot on his resume. You know what I liked that he appeared in? "Heist". Never heard of it either, huh? It was a tv series that was cut. Boo. But Zac Efron appeared in the pilot as the Pizza Delivery Guy. They blew him up. No, really, but not literally. The pizza guy was kidnapped and forced to carry out a bank robbery. They strapped a bomb to his chest and when things went haywire, goodbye pizza guy.

A quick shout out to Matt Long. He plays Tyler Prince (Prince Charming). His face also made me rack my brains for a movie I've seen him in. He played young Johnny Blaze in "Ghost Rider". The older Johnny Blaze was played by Nicholas Cage.

A quick tangent for Nicholas Cage and the upcoming National Treasure 2!!! I can't wait to watch it! National Treasure: Book of Secrets is due to come out this year. It doesn't sound like an actual "treasure" treasure hunt. They seem to be hunting down truth this time. Well, if there's some sort of monetary reward for that, I believe it's Mr. Riley Poole's turn to set the finder's fee! Shout out to Justin Bartha who plays Mr. Poole.

Now for Terrence, another one of the seven dorks. This character is played by Jeremy Howard. A big shout out to Jeremy Howard because he played one of my favorite characters in "Accepted". He's credited as "Freaky Student" in that move, and I love his character. He's the one who wanted to learn to blow things up with his mind!!! I absolutely love the very last scene. Score for the freaky student!

You can find clips on YouTube if you search "blow sh*t up with my mind". Or check out this one from No Mercy Media:

Unless you prefer gore, exploding cars, or goosebumps, go watch "Sydney White". It's an underdog story and a modern take and twist on a classic tale. Plus, who doesn't like Amanda Bynes? *ahem*"Dear Ashley...that's me! Dear Ashley".

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