Monday, July 30, 2007


I am officially annoyed by Century Theaters. Their customer service over the phone is highly frustrating and a waste of time. Here's what happened. I simply want to know if I can use a movie voucher for a movie. I visit their website and found the local theater I want to go to. I find their phone number. The phone number listed on their site is WRONG. Century Theater's website has the wrong information. I called that number and the recorded message says that the number for the theater has been changed. It gives the new number. I call the new number (800-326-3264 or 800-fandang). I reach a machine with voice activated options. After the machine says, "I'm sorry, I did not understand..." many times over, I hang up and try again. Finally, I am able to reach the local theater's section and I say, "Phone number". The machine gives me the theater's phone number, "zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero". Yes. According to Century Theater, the number for the specific local theater is 000-000-0000. I hang up and look for a phone number on yellow pages online. I find a new number for the local theater. I call it. It rings. I'm optimistic. Then it continues to ring. I put on the speaker phone and set the phone down on my desk. I let it ring while I comb through the Internet for a different phone number. I let the number ring for five minutes. Nobody answers. I hang up and tried again. It just continues to ring. I hang up and call Information (411). They give the same number that I just called (the number that nobody answers). So I call the mall where the theater was located. They cannot connect me to the theater, but they gave me a number. It was the 800 number. I did not want to bother calling, but I did anyway. I pressed zero wondering if that will connect me to a person. I didn't. I said, "Customer service" and nothing happened. The machine does not understand. Of course it doesn't understand. It's a machine.

I am so frustrated!

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