Thursday, May 17, 2007

My cousin's visiting from the PI! She should be arriving tomorrow night. Hopefully her flight won't be delayed or anything. My parents are going to Hawaii. They're leaving today. I dropped them off at the airport this morning. Their flight's at 8am. When I got home an hour later, they called and said that their flight is delayed. They leave at 3pm. Seven hours! They're staying at the airport though. No sense to go back and forth. Sucks.

Anyway, this is a nice way to kick off this summer. With my cousin, I mean. We're going to take her to many places so the things we do and places we go to are ushering in summer vaca. She's here for about 3 weeks. The week after she leaves, I start summer school, which is okay because I'm taking dance. I need elective units to graduate. Don't get me started on that. So that's the remainder of June and July. There's Father's Day, and a debutante ball in June. My mom's birthday in July. There's also DVBS in July. That's going to be a bit hectic, but fun. DVBS is always a hectic fun! Then AUGUST. CRUISE TIME!!! So fun.

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