Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Happy birthday to me! Well...belated happy birthday to me. I'm 22. It's really not that old. I have friends older than me. And yet...I still feel old. No offense to those older than 22. Well, school started. I'll be graduating soon. I hope. I'm trying to fix my schedule and stuff. There's a lot to do. I set two new year's resolutions for me: save money and keep my room clean for a month (thinking that if I can do this, then I can keep it clean for longer than one month). That latter isn't working out very well. My room's a clutter! My floor is being occupied by laundry I haven't put away, textbooks that I need for this semester (and two textbooks I'm selling through amazon), painting materials, skeins of yarns in a box (I'm working on an afghan), and Christmas and birthday gift bags. What do you do with those gift bags... Hmm...

Ophs! I gotta go! I'm bringing my bro and our neighbor to school. They're in 4th grade.

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