Thursday, June 08, 2006

My imagination makes X-Men a reality, I hook up with Warren/Angel (who, of course, looks like Ben Foster, who plays that character in X-Men: The Last Stand), and he flies me off somewhere like Italy. Whoo-hoo! Vacation!

Whoa, okay. Here was a web release. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) reported that CA is home to 6 of the top 10 auto theft locations in the nation. That's not good, especially since it's kinda where I live! So one of the car insurance companies, GEICO, is educating people on how to prevent their vehicle from being stolen. So that's good, and here is what they said. Always lock your car. That's sort of obvious, but not really, because sometimes, people just leave their cars unlocked without thinking about it. Nancy Pierce, the VP for GEICO's San Diego location is giving these tips. She says that the car should always be locked even when driving. I do that now because my best friend is anal about this very issue. So she got me used to locking the car. YAY for my best friend!

Also, never leave the keys in the car. Hmm, I do that when I get gas. I just throw them on the seat. I use a card to get gas, but I should remember to keep my keys with me anyway. Park in busy, well-lit areas. I do that. My sisters doesn't really because she's got a new car and doesn't want other people to bang on it or what not. Ooh...

Don't leave valuables inside where passerby can see them. So hide your stuff. Or just don't use the car as a locker. Haha =)

Install an anti-theft system if the car doesn't have one. Hey, do I have an anti-theft system? I don't know...I have an alarm though. It's so sensitive. It goes off if someone slams the door of the car parked next to it. It goes off every time the garbage man gets the garbage at my house. Hehe. They must hate my car...

This is a good one in the web release: beware of the "bump-and-rob" technique. It's where carjackers bump your car from the rear, then steal it when you get out to look for damage. So in case this happens to you, you should always leave room to maneuver around any vehicle ahead of you when stopped at a traffic light (no tailgating!!!). If someone bumps you and you feel threatened, drive to a populated area. If you have a cell, call the police for assistance. The police are really good when handling insurance stuff and accidents. They act as mediators. Trust me, I know. Haha.

The web release also says: do not leave registration or title in the car. This surprises me. My registration is always in the car, and so is my insurance. I must be in the car whenever you're driving. Wow. So what...keep it in your wallet? Theives usually get away when pulled over by the police because they can produce the car registration. Man....I didn't think of this.

Always be aware of your surroundings.
Know where you're going, and avoid known high-crime areas. That means, don't get lost. Haha. I get lost easily. I'm not good with places.

Don't resist a carjacker. Unless you're like uber strong, maybe. Haha, okay. Nancy Pierce doesn't say that. I do. I mean, if you can take the long as the guy doesn't have a weapon...but Ms. Pierce says that cars can be replaced; you can't. True that!

Have your car's VIN etched on each of the windows. I don't have that. I don't even know what the VIN is. car basically takes me from point A to point B. Sometimes it's a lunchroom, and sometimes it's a bedroom (at school, sometimes I eat lunch or breakfast in the car, and sometimes sleep in the car).

Well, thanks GEICO for providing all those tips. I have GEICO. Maybe they should send out a letter to their customer. Har. Anyway, if you're driving, you should have car insurance. Some people drive without insurance. Not good. You can shop for car insurance and They'll give you a quote, and rate comparisons. Seriously, don't be caught without insurance. Especially if you hit someone. Oooh... Sometimes, people handle accidents by themselves, without involving the insurance companies, but there is too much hassle on that. Trust me, I know about this too. It's easier to just go through the insurance. And don't let the person who hit your car, if you're the victim, bully you. Their at fault. Take their name, driver's licence #, the car's licence plate #, insurance, and insurance id. Look at their registration and stuff. If they won't cooperate, call the police. Seriously. I've had major headaches because I agreed not to go through the insurance when this one lady hit me, and she had the nerve to...okay. I don't want to revisit that. Just have insurance. And be extra careful my fellow Californians!

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