Saturday, March 18, 2006

My sister is coming home from New York. Something I really want to do when I get out of college is travel. I want to see the world! Well, not really. I wouldn't want to see the part of the world that falls in Iraq, but I want to go to different countries and states in the US. I've never been to Hawaii. Can you believe it? And it's right there too. I want to go to Hawaii, New York, and Florida. Florida because it houses Disneyworld! I want to have a vacation home somewhere. That would be nice. No hotels and everything, though hotels are nice, I think. I could have a vacation home in Italy. favorite country. There's a Vacation Home Orlando, so then I'd be able to go to all Disneyworld worlds, like Epcot Center and stuff. Oh, to see the world. That would be so nice. There's just more people, more culture, and more wonders out there!

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