Friday, January 06, 2006

Ughhh...I'm sick, but I'm back blogging. Christmas has been busy (and I was sick). Then I was not sick, and I got sick again! I blame my friend. The morning after I saw her, I woke up barely breathing, with a stuffy nose, and sore throat. Niiice...

So I drank Theraflu Sever Cold. It's not very delicious, but I'm used to the taste. Plus, it works. I'm also taking Sudafed Cold and Flue and Halls throat drops. Is that okay? You know mixing medicines. I don't want an overdose, but that wouldn't happen. It's just cold medicine. Still, I don't really read anything like don't take it if whatever. So there is this vioxx lawsuit, which is about vioxx, a painkiller that has sideeffects for the worse. I guess you never really know about anything, like if something that's supposed to help you makes your condition worse.

Anyway, okay, so I was in Eastridge last night going to Victoria's secret, and I passed a jewelry store and stuff right. So I was thinking about what difference there is between jewelry in like JCPenny's and fine jewelry in speciality stores (I guess you could call it that). Well, I have a gold ring with my birthstone on it (garnet), and I don't know what happened, but the circle is not quite so circle anymore (if that makes sense) and that was from a dept. store. So yeah...maybe the metal's not so strong? Speaking of metals, platinum's the most expensive right? Or is it just the strongest? Anyway, so there's precious metal investing, which is about investing into gold, silver, platinum and stuff like that.

Well, okay, I have to go pick up the kiddies from school. Next week, I'm going back to school. It starts the 12th, Thursday, but I don't know if I'll go earlier in the week to finish up some paperwork. Oh wait...I think I have to cuz I have to get my car permit.

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