Friday, December 23, 2005

Where did I go tonight? The better question is where did I not go tonight.

I went to: Ross, Ross, Walmart, Kohl's, Ross, Vivi Plus, Target, and Vivi Plus.

And for what? For white capri pants. WHITE PANTS that I won't wear on a regular basis because white makes anyone look fatter. Why am I looking for these pants? For the Christmas production...we're "angel dancers"? All of us, save Jessica, want to wear BLACK cuz black is slimming. We're going to have a royal purple wrap around us. I guess that lessens the hip and butt fatness...I hope it does.

My mom just suggested I wear my GRANDMA'S PANTS! What the heck!!!!! Geez freaking geez!

I FOUND WHITE GAUCHOS in the second Vivi Plus I went to. It's 2x and it's too big and it's too long on me. And I found a stain on it...great...$18...geez. I didn't want to buy it either, but I've been everywhere. So, I'm going to the mall tomorrow, Christmas Eve, and go looking for white capri or white gauchos that I can dance in. If I don't find any, I'll use the one I bought as a last resort. I'll pin it smaller, and cut it shorter. What else can I do? Then I have to go to Target and buy white "capri tights" or body huggers because I CANNOT wear the stinking gauchos alone. Not unless I want everyone to see my underwear. Well, at least I'm not being visited by Mother Nature. Oh man...okay, if she comes tomorrow or Sunday, I refuse to dance. Okay, fine...I know I'll be dancing, but I'll be in black underneath all that white. Awww geez...I don't want to dance if that happens. But then again, knowing my body, I don't have much to worry about.


I also have to find a white 3/4 sleeve shirt in the mall. I know exactly what kind of shirt I want. I saw it in Kohl's, but it was only in brown or black. I need white. But I want that kind of style.

I'm so beat. My feet hurts from rehearsal today and from all the driving and from all the walking in the stores. I'm tired, tired, tired.


Aside, of course, the dance attire. Cuz I AM GOING TO CHANGE OUT OF IT. I have to wear it going to church, but once the production is over, it's gone. I want a DRESS. I have to be in a DRESS. I WANT TO WEAR A DRESS. IT'S CHRISTMAS, AND I WANT A DRESS! It's a tradition. Or I'll make it a tradition. When I was a kid, my sisters and I were always in a dress on Christmas...custom/tailor made and practically matching (hahaha...oh the therapy we need). So I want a dress, dress, dress. And I can't find any at any of the stores I went into. Last resort...skirt and blouse, but that's the last resort!

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