Thursday, December 08, 2005

IT'S OVER!!! School is over!
Nevermind that I still have to register for classes and do other stuff for finals are over!
I am sooo ready for Christmas.

So my mom is bugging me to get a job because I'm 20 years old, and when I'm either 23 or 24, my parents' insurance won't cover me anymore. I need a job so I can have insurance. Here's the thing, I have no time. Right now, I have no time for a job. I'm going to set up my school schedule next semester so that I have a lot of time. Also, what job? I don't like office jobs. I don't do well stuck in a box. I'd freak out or fall asleep. And work as what? My mom says a counselor. Eh? I don't want to be a counselor. I have my own problems to deal with. What jobs are there? There are Finance and Accounting Jobs. Hehe. Math isn't my area. I want to babysit, but that won't cover my bee-hind in insurance. I can be a dog walker or sell pet tags. My friends would laugh. I'm scared of dogs...animals actually. They're cute though. Martha Stewart's brown dog, Franchesca (I think), is really adorable. I like fishes. I don't want to work retail. Gracious. Don't even go there. This is my type of job: I set my own hours. I can work from home or wherever I want. It's not tedious or menial. I can pretty much do what I want to do. And a really good pay. So what job is that? I don't know. I like freelance writing, but I can't depend on that. And my major...oh boy, I don't know. I don't know. I should just find a rich man to marry. That's it. There you go. Problem solved. Haha! =D

I just thought of Princess Diaries and her closet filled with jewels. Wow...crazy. There are diamonds everywhere. Speaking of which, there are different kinds of diamonds, did you know? There are different kinds of cuts (I think it was the princess cut that I liked), but there are yellow diamond rings too. Bling, blingin.

I just thought of people who sue for money. I would never do that, of course. I promise. And I wouldn't marry for the money either. I'd marry for love...awww.... Anyway, so now I'm thinking of the Wendy's incident with the planted finger in the chili beans. Gross. So my favorite tv show is Law & Order SVU, then Law & Order CI, and Law & Order, and Crossing Jordan. I like the Surface series and Las Vegas. I like the Martha Steward the Apprentice, but have not been able to watch it because of finals. Anyway, what was I writing about? Oh right...Law & Order. So because of that show, I now see why people make lawyers out to be liars because they represent guilty people too. But there are good lawyers out there and they get downplayed. There are accutane lawsuits (in real life, not in the show). I've never had a lawyer before, or an attorney.

My mom suggested I go see a shrink!!! I'm not lying. She told me to go see a shrink. Okay, she said psychiatrist. She told me that my 7-year-old brother, Brian, and I should go see a psychiatrist. Haha! Why? Because I keep blinking my eyes. I blink more than normal. My brother does this thing with his nose. I don't want to keep blinking, but I've been doing that for as long as I can remember. Oh well. I'd go see a shrink. Then I can say, "I'm going to see my shrink." Hehehe =D

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