Friday, December 16, 2005

Christmas is closing in. We've got a week to practice the Christmas Presentation. We're wrapping the toys tonight. We're missing a lot of people: Amafel, Dez, Marvie, April, Ronald. But that's okay. We can do it. I'm event oriented. As long as it all gets done.

I also have a week to do my Christmas shopping. Oh man. None of my family members have done any Christmas shopping. I saw a machine that made pet ID tags and I wanted to make one because I didn't know it was for pets at first. Hahaha. If I had a pet, I'd get a tag for it for Christmas...except if it's a fish. That wouldn't work.

My brother has a share or 2 shares of Disneyland (in stocks). I want a stock. I know the stock market is not a sure thing, but I don't know. It sounds cool when you say, "I have a stock," or something. Hehe. I could save money and invest it. I could be investing in Disneyland too, or be investing in precious metals, or something that makes lights or something. People always need some form of lights, right? Hehe. Oooh...I'll add that to my 43 things to do...own/buy/get a stock.

This December is very...slow. People are slow. Time is slow. My personal energy is slow. I don't know. I just want to drop everything and stop. Or I want everything to stop, or be caught in some sort of vortex where time is nonexistent or on a stand-still. I'm...restless. Yes, that's the word. I have waited for years for Christmas to be on a Sunday, and this year, it finally is. But the spirit is not here. I think I know the source or reason of why my energy has been sapped dry. My energy has been sapped for some time and I know what the reason is, but there is something else that added to everything, and that thing sapped me dry. Geez...I don't want to be listless on Christmas. ARGH.

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