Tuesday, November 15, 2005

There's a commercial with this husband and wife. They were in front of these building steps with lots of people sitting on the steps just minding their own business. The husband tells the wife that he'll marry her again in front of all those people as witnesses, and the wife says, "Yeah right." And from the people sitting on the steps, the wife's mom stands up. Then the wife's dad stands up. And in the longer version, some of her friends stand up from the crowd as well. And the husband bends on one knee and proposes, "Will you marry me? Again?" And he gives her a diamond ring. So it's like a diamond anniversary rings. I like that commercial. It's cute. And he gives her another ring and another proposal, instead of a divorce, which is so prevalent these days.

So speaking of commercials. Ones that I really don't like are those cheesy attorney/lawyer commercials. I suppose their message is okay, but the commercial itself looks so old fashioned and weird. I wonder if only California has these type of commercials. Or rather do other states' lawyers have commercials like these? Like do NY Lawyers have commercials like these? Do lawyers in smaller towns have commercials, or would small towns just kinda have that atmosphere where they know everyone's business and would know which lawyer to turn to for help. You know what I like, Law & Order. Specifically, I like Law & Order SVU the best. Then CI, then Law & Order. I don't hear much on Trial by Jury. I wonder if it got cancelled.

So I was driving home from school, and I took this road because the one I usually take has road construction going on and I didn't want to face that traffic. However, I didn't take note of the time and I faced a differnt kind of traffic. I faced AFTER SCHOOL traffic!!! Middle school after school. Oh, horrid horrid traffic! Hehe. But it turned out okay. The people up where my school is are very nice. I'm in my 3rd year in that school, and it's only this semester that I notice the houses they have up there....or down there. I dont' know. I think it's down. Yes, I'm pretty sure my school is south of my home. Anyway, the houses are nice. Not all of them, but there are really nice new houses there! I wonder how much the house price range is. And what the mortgage rates would be. It would be nice to live down there I suppose, but it's gets cold. And there's no Albertson's!!! NO ALBERTSON'S!!! Ahhhh!!! What prevents me from not going crazy though, is there's a 24/7 Safeway. And it's a really nice Safeway too. There's also a Nob Hills, Walgreens, Long's, Blockbuster, a bunch of fast food places. These are all downtown...which is like a strip of street. There's no mall...but there's a Big Kmart, and they took out the Kmarts near my house.

Oh, speaking of Kmart, I'm into screen tees recently. I'm into them, but I have like...2. A torquoise type and a yellow one. I want more, but it's hard to find cheap ones. I just like the idea. A screen tee fits. It's loose enough to be movable and comfy, but it's tight enough to fit just right and hug your curves. Then they have cool prints on them. The material is also lightweight, not like my other baby-tees. You know what I actually do want...psychotherapy t-shirts. They're funny! I want one that says "Introvert" cuz I'm an introvert. And I want the one that says "abnormal". And I want the definitions on the back. Hehehe.

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