Saturday, November 05, 2005

So I posted about Christmas lists right, and I was talking about nice yet practical gifts like designer watches or diamond watches, well, allowing me to indulge in what I want for a sec, I want knitting stuff for Christmas...or any day. I want knitting needles. I only have 1 pair of size 8 US needles. I want variety, especially size 10 1/2 US. And yarn. I want yarn. Yarn is expensive. Who would have thought, huh? It is. And there are many kinds of yarn. I don't want ordinary yarn. I want soft yarn, fuzzy yarn, designed yarn, and yarn ribbons. So much yarn!

Okay, I'm talking about yarn...anyway, my dad told me to vote yes on Prop 75 - the union dues thing. I was thinking of yes, wasn't I? But I'm not sure...deng tv ads. My dad's a politics guy. He worked for the government in the PI. I'm not sure exactly what, but I think he wrote politicians' speeches plus whatever else. Anyway, he's republican. My sister is republican too. A lot of people just assume that all Christians are republican. That's not true. There are hardcore Christian democrats too. Me...I'm an undeclared party voter. I just don't want to side with one view. Sometimes I agree with republicans, sometimes I agree with democrats. There's more than one view to things, and to see things in one view is to be close-minded. Yes though, at one point, you're gonna have to choose a view, but to blindly follow...ugh. I don't like it one bit. Oh here's another cause, Bextra lawsuits, that are happening nowadays. I like causes, though I lean more towards humanitarian non-profit causes as opposed to political causes. Politics, in all honesty, give me headaches. Hehe, it does. Nonetheless, you gotta have government. You know what's scary...The Lord of the Flies. Man. A world of chaos. I didn't see the movie. Heck, I don't want to see the movie. The book is gory enough. I don't want to see Piggy beheaded. Oh man! The thought of it just makes me wish those boys were real so they could get a spakin'...or tried in the courts as adults. Okay...let's head away from all the twistedness before I get nightmares.

Oh by the way, speaking of diamonds...I like diamonds. I like looking at jewelry in catalogs. Diamonds are so mesmerizing. Okay, here's a line from Finding Neverland (I watched it tonight), "That's not a diamond, it's just a rock." You know what I like about Snow White, Disney movie version...the dwarves know, the cave with all those jewels and gems! It's All those "rocks". How do rocks and metals become something worth so much? I wonder if a long time ago, people discovered some of them and didn't really care about them cuz they didn't classify them as they are....gems and precisous metals. They didn't sell them or collect them or value them. There were no jewelry stores of precious metals trading places or whatever. What if...we classified grass as precious. Would we run out of grass? Would grass be limited like how gems and precious metals and oil are limited? Would we hoard them? Then the grass would be greener on some sides wouldn't it?

I remember that commercial with these neighbors and this one man is looking over the fence to his neighbor's front yard cuz his grass is was about some kind of fertilizer for grass. I want a house. Speaking of front yards and stuff, you know. I want a house. Nay, I want somebody to buy me a house...paid in full. And not just a house, my dream house. Hey, one can dream right? I just don't want to deal with loans and mortgages and mortgage refinancing and whatever. I never did like math. I'm serious, I'm going to make sure I marry somebody who knows how to do taxes. Cuz I don't. Or somebody rich enough to have a tax preparer. Or a prince you know...and live in a castle and not worry about anything I don't want to worry about.

Oh hey, speaking of royalty, Prince Charles and his new wife came to visit. Interesting...the news said his last visit was 20 years ago. Why did he visit? It seemed out of the blue. I saw a bit of Conan last night, and I decided that I don't like his show. I don't like him from what I gathered from his show. First impressions you know. I don't like Chris Rock cuz my first impression was when he hosted this big event thingy and he was too rude and crude for my taste. Yuck.

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