Thursday, November 03, 2005

Christmas is less than two months away. That's crazy. What's even crazier is that Christmas 2006 is on a Sunday. Wow. What's so crazy about that? Well, I've been waiting for Christmas to be on a Sunday because Sundays I go to church, and for Christmas we hold Christmas presentations and Sunday School Christmas party! And it's on the actual Christmas day this year!!! Hehe. I'm excited, but there's so much work to be done too. We haven't started anything for the presentation. And there's Thanksgiving too??? Wow. Anyway. I should get started on my Christmas list. Don't go thinking that I'm selfish. My list is the list of people I'm getting gifts for. It's so funny cuz I make a list every year and then I lose it, so I make another one, and I lose that, and the cycle continues. But that's okay, I love making lists. Yet somehow, I always forget to put somebody's name on it. I must be crazy. So I was listening to the radio and they were talking about giving gifts for Christmas. They endorse making lists! More than that though, is they said to write down a budget for each person and a gift idea. That way, you don't spend more money than you can, and you don't spend hours thinking of a gift for that person, or buy a gift you end up not using. I like more practical gifts too, and long-lasting. If I give someone a box of chocolates, that will disappear sooner or later, so I'd rather give gifts that they will use and that will last so they can remember me! But I'm not going to give a calculator or something like that! I gave my best friend a Strawberry Shortcake rug and practical. Like designer watches. Practical but it's not something a person would open and say, "Oh, a watch...thanks..." I bought my mom a coffee pot before. She wanted one and we use it everyday. Haha! My dad uses it the most. Maybe I should have gotten him the coffee pot.

On other news, the November 8 special elections is coming up! I'm voting.
73 - yes - parental consent for minors wanting abortion
74 - no - teacher's waiting period
75 - yes?- union dues
76 - no - limits school funding
77 - no? - redistricting
78 - yes? - one way to discount prescription drugs, against 79
79 - no? - another way to discount prescription drugs, against 78
80 - no? - electricity thing

I always vote, but honestly, some of these things are just confusing. And I keep seeing tv ad campaigns. But I'd actually rather see those tv ad campaigns than not because it makes me more aware of their existence. Yes, they're biased, trashing each other, not revealing the whole truth, and cheesy.....hey, they're just like politicians! Hahahaha! Oh that's bad. Hehehe! Anyway, I don't mind all these props and stuff. I like it that there's all these debates and propositions and causes. If people stopped fighting for causes, then I'd get really worried. There are many of them too. There are always war protests somewhere. Then there are those fighting for breast cancer (like the yoplait is on board with their pink lids), and blood donors, bone marrow registry, people rallying for help for disaster struck areas, and lawyers' fights on many other cases like the Vioxx Class Action. Yea, I don't mind really. Cuz people shouldn't stop caring.

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