Friday, October 14, 2005

This Kids News I watched one Saturday morning said that drivers driving while talking on the cell phone drives like an elderly person because they are distracted and has lower response time. So now there are all these devices so people doesn't have to hold their cells, but the news said it's not the cell phone that causes this, but the conversation. It is the conversation that is distracting. Well, I think it's right. Yesterday morning, I was driving to school and in less than 30 seconds, I had to overtake 2 cars because they were going 10mph UNDER the speed limit and was contributing to traffic. Why? Because both drivers were talking on their cell phones! So I say, it's right that drivers' inhibitions and response time is lowered and they are threats on the road when they're speaking on the cell phone.

Okay, that said, there's a device out where you hook up the phone and the conversation is on the radio. Hah, I think that's cool. Anyway. Cell phones are not evil. I have a cell. I've had one since I was 16...that's when I started driving. So my old cell phone has the number 1 in red. The handbook said that if I press and hold "1", it will contact the police and there's a gps system on it that shows the police exactly where the cell phone is (and in emergencies, the ideal situation is that where the cell is, is where I am). Okay, so it's not gps system cuz then it will be global positioning system system. Haha. But yea, I think that's cool. My currect cell phone...I don't think it does that...I'm not sure.

So speaking of gps, there's a gps navigation right. Global Positioning System Navigation. I want it cuz I'm on the lost list. The lost list is a list that the youth group started. It's a list of drivers who get lost easily! Hehe. I'm on it. Jaydee's on it. I say Clarissa's on it too. But so yea, I saw that commercial about a car with one of those. There's this heavy traffic on the road, but the driver took a different road because he has it on his car. So I want that so I won't get lost. My, how technology drives our world. Hehe. Get it? "Drives".

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