Sunday, October 23, 2005

I just paid my credit card bill. Man. Okay. So I'm a girl and girls have their "time of the month"s right? Well, not me cuz of genetics. But my "time of the month" is when my credit card bill comes. Yipes. I'm not working either cuz of school. Oh boy. But I am not in debt. I refuse to say I'm in debt. I don't want to claim it or jinx myself. I don't like handling money stuff. It makes me frustrated. My mom handles all my tax stuff. I don't like tax either, but who does? When I started paying for my credit card (my mom used to pay for it, how spoiled am I right?), my mom told me to always pay the full balance. And I did for a while. And then...well...uh...20 years old, credit card, mom doesn't check what I, can you say, "Do you take Visa?" Haha. I know, I know. It's bad. Living above your means is something you wouldn't want to do. Trust me. I'm hanging there though, but there are monthly charges I have to cover. Like my child sponsorhip $26, magazine subscriptions $25, and there's one more thing. I can't remember. Oh and now, there's this finance charge that keeps coming up. Man! I want my dream job, you know? My dream job is a wealthy husband. Haha, jk. No. Seriously, I want to work my dream job, but I'm a full time college student in church ministry, commuting over 60 miles 5 days a week. Time and schedule. I'd love to pay off my credit card (which by the way, isn't in that bad of a situation), but school goes first. So this is how I think. I'm getting by right now. I'll get the income I can get. I'll finish school. Go to work. Be frugal with my income, and pay my card to zero balance. Yea. It really isn't bad. I'm only what...a couple hundred dollars not paid every month? They carry over, argh. I've heard of debt consolidation too. Really, I'd prefer a big lump of money to fall out of the sky, but who wouldn't? I'm holding off on the card thing though. I'm thinking that since my card is expiring this month, I won't activate the renewal card I already received. So that way, I have no choice but not to have a card. Hehe. How long will that last? Actually it wouldn't. With my mileage? I gas up every week and charge it. Yucky gas prices, but I found a Shell Gas Station for $2.81 the lowest price...and a Chevron for $2.81 too. Plus, I do grocery shopping for the home too. Anyway, anyway, if I'm desperate by the time I'm 21 years old, I'll donate eggs for $6,000. Kidding. I wouldn't do that.

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