Friday, September 16, 2005

College students need (and want) money. I'm no exception. With my school schedule, I can no longer go to my job. I do some freelance writing, but let's face it. Freelance anything doesn't bring steady income, or a huge income. Unless maybe you're a full time and well-known freelancer, which I'm not. I'm a full time student.

So I was browsing through, mainly for babysitting jobs, when an idea struck me. I don't think I will really ever go through with it, but I did think "Why not?" Even if I wanted to, I can only trust my best friend to be with me (as the idea requires a friend there), and she would never ever let me go through with it. It pays $5,000 - $15,000. Plus travel expenses with food allowance if I would have to travel far from where the office is at. What idea? Egg donor.

Oh man. Egg donor. Someday, I really want to adopt a child, but have a child out there half mine? With egg donors, the money shouldn't really be the motivating factor because they might end up really regretting it afterwards. For college students, money is always a motivating factor. Egg donor. The implications are mind boggling. What are physical effects on my particular body? Psychological? Emotional? What is the SPIRITUAL standpoint of this? Spiritual effects?

It's a huge decision. And if I want to, I'm old enough to donate. I wouldn't though, would I? It's crazy, but part of me wants to. For the money? Yea, but no. Maybe because I'm curious about it. Maybe because I like to do things my peers don't do, like being a blood donor and being a child sponsor. Even when I was not even 18, I wanted to be a child sponsor. When I was 15, I wanted to donate in the blood drives my school had (but I had to wait till I was 17 1/2 before donating). At 16, I wanted to put that pink sticker on my driver's license that said organ donor (my mom wouldn't let me, and if I died before her,'s a mom and my baby thing I guess, and I respect that). I want to adopt a child someday.

I wouldn't...I don't know. It's just a lingering thought...that's all.

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