Tuesday, August 16, 2005

There's an expression that goes, "Time flies when you're having fun." That's true, but I also think that time flies when you're bored. Okay, that's weird, right? But when you're bored, you just lounge around, watch tv, do whatever. And time flies because you're mind wanders. Like with me, for example.

So okay, first off, I sleep late and wake up early. Then I just lounge around the house. Lazy girl, haha. I know I've got stuff to do, but well...I don't get around to them. I need an oil change and wheel balancing. Man...I hate doing car stuff. But last night, I did finish my article.

Summer, summer, summer. Oh man, school starts next week! My registration/ re-admission isn't finished at all! Man oh man oh man. I haven't heard from the school. I hate that. They also sent me a letter saying that they didn't get my Financial Aid application when I sent that in 2 weeks ago! So I got that letter yesterday. Today, I filled another app out and put it in the envelope and mailbox. Right after, I get a call from the Financial Aid office saying that they received my application!!! Whacked!

But I love my school. Haven't been there for a semester and a summer, but I really like going there. And I've decided to declare a minor in Early Childhood Development. So I found this job that's just about perfect. It's a tutoring job near home for 4 kids Mon - Thurs from 4:30 pm -6 pm...I think it's 6. Pay is good. The thing with it is I'm in S.V. probably MWF. Sucks. So I want some sort of Day Care helper/teacher job because that goes with my major, sort of.

Ay, gulay. I've gotta go bring my Grandpa to the clinic....the whacked clinic with an annoying staff. Seriously, there are so many people I want to sue. Our local WALGREENS PHARMACY has the worst service I have ever seen from anybody working in pharmacy!!! They suck on so many levels! For example, they told my mom that my Grandma/pa's prescription will be ready in 30 min - an hour. So for 30 min - an hour, my mom walked around Walgreens. When she came to the pharmacy inside the store, THEY CLOSED!!! Another customer commented that people will die because of them because they're slow!

I really like the diversity of the Bay Area, but I have such a humungous pet peeve about this. There are so many immigrants who DO NOT ASSIMILATE, and I hate that! Why? Because they live in America now! They need to assimilate. They need to find a balance between their culture and the American culture. They need to find that 3rd culture. They need to know the laws. They need to abide by them! And don't think I'm some prejudice young person or a bigot, because I AM AN IMMIGRANT!!! I came here when I was 12 years old, old enough to remember life in the Philippines. Yet I assimilated, hard as it may have been. I have been made fun of, and up to this day, I get what we call F.O.B. attacks. There are some English words I botch up because my tongue goes back to my native accent. BUT I ASSIMILATED. I found a balance, and so did my sisters and a lot of my peers. So it is possible and for those immigrants who are refusing to find that 3rd culture, what's your problem???

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