Thursday, August 25, 2005

I just updated my website, yay! I used a template this time. I got tired of writing html codes. Anyway, I like the template. It has stars, but I don't know...I just might change it. I'm not sure. Oh and I used a template for this blog too! Yea! I'm template happy right now! *beaming*

Like the Calalily to the left? You'll find it on my website, too. Hehe. I like calalilies, and red roses. If you want to send flowers to me, I'm turning 21 in January, or you know...Christmas is coming up. *Smile* Send me red roses & white calilies. Ooooooh..... Watch, I'll have them in my wedding. roses & white calalilies...or combination of red & pink roses with white calilies. wedding colors will be shades of red with white of course. Why am I thinking about this? Goarsh, I don't even a have a boyfriend yet. School first maaaan...

First day of school was today, it Tiring, but fun. I have very interesting professors, but I haven't met all of them. I have one more prof. to meet -- Dr. Yun. I'm going to his class...tomorrow.

I burned my right thumb taking out a bowl from the microwave. I don't know, I just wanted to say that.

Oh hey, speaking of flowers and house used to have calalilies. It grows on this tiny square patch in front/to the side of my garage door. Serious, it's a tiny patch of earth and grass, and it started growing calalilies. It's like probably less than 5 feet by 5 ft, or something. I think it's square. But yea, it was the weirdest thing. So for some time, my grandma would cut some and place them in a vase, which she'll put on our living room table. And they're really nice. Expensive too, probably, if you buy them. So I want a garden with calalilies, so on my wedding, we don't have to pay for so much. I think they grow in winter-ish to spring. Late spring to summer, there was no more. I hope they didn't die.

Speaking of flowers, I have a tube of wild flower seeds. I want to plant 'em!!! Yea!!! It was from DVBS this summer. I got some of that circle disc soil thing too. Ooh, I think I'll go plant em right now. Maybe I can in my backyard. Haha, all of a sudden there are bunch of flowers in different spots. Hahaha!

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