Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I an oil change for my car. I got it today. I was 6,000 miles overdue. Hehehe...I know, that's bad. Man! It was $30 something dollars instead of the usual $22 because the receptionist was all up and checking and saying that I need a special kind of oil for my car because it's newer and lesser mileage. I've always gotten "regular" oil. Whatever. At least I didn't wait a long time. Usually there's an hour or 2 wait, but when I came in, he said they can do it right then and there. So cool. And I was thinking of not getting one timing.

I still have to get my front wheels balanced though...says my dad. He said I have to go to Sears, which is aright. I don't know how long those take, but maybe I can go to Eastridge if it takes hours. I don't know. I might not cuz I don't want to end up buying anything. Hah. I have a lot of car stuff going on this summer, really.

First, someone hit my car. I can't say I got into an accident cuz it's not my fault. It's her fault. That whole event pissed me off. The lady that hit me didn't want to go through the car insurance cuz fee rates go up when you hit someone. So it was all...under the table type of thing. I never ever ever want to do that again. EVER. insurance. Wahahaha, my car insurance rate went up cuz I got a speeding tickent. I was scared to tell my parents but of course, they found out anyway. So I have Geico. Ya know...I don't know. I don't think it's bad or funny...Geico that is. They have a funny gecco, that's true, but once my classmate (back in the high school) and I were talking about car insurances and I told her I have Geico and she chuckled and said "That's cute." Wah? What's that supposed to mean? I don't get it. Is Geico like...I don't know...the ghetto of car insurances? I would think the cowboy one is. Hahaha, but they have funny commercials. So I'm learning lessons about cars.

Lesson 1: When in an accident, always report it to the insurance company. Don't do what I did.
Lesson 2: Get an oil change ever 3,000 miles.
Lesson 3: Wash your car. Hahaha!

By the way, I'm glad I'm a girl. Girls have lower rates for car aka auto insurance than boys. And good students can have lower rates too. Well, with my insurance, if I send them a copy of my grades and they consider it good grades, my rate goes down. But it hecka syrocketed when I got that speeding ticket and I just paid it off instead of going to traffic school cuz I was scared to tell my parents., sucks. Ooh, here's another lesson.

Lesson 4: Go to traffic school. That way, your insurance won't go up. I think mine went up hundreds of dollars. Eeek. Oh, I just got that sticker thingy with the year. Mine's red. Oh yea. Hahaha. I insurance renews every year instead of every 6 months. Cuz it's August. And the old sticker says that my car insurance expires Aug 2005; now the sticker I just put is 2006. So yea...a year. Cool.

Nowadays, more and more people are driving worse, in my opinion and in my best friend's opinion. Practically everytime I drive, I have near accident experiences because of someone turning into my lane when there's no space to turn into, turning into my lane when I'm in his or her blindspot, or swerving. SWERVING! There's so many people swerving and I think it's because of cell phones.

Yep. Don't talk on the cell phone and drive at the same time! Okay, so I can be a hypocrite at this because I do answer my cell while driving, but not always. And I'm more conscious now, and don't do that because my minutes aren't free and they're running out. So there.

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