Thursday, June 23, 2005

The movie "Bewitched" got a really bad rep in the San Jose Mercury News. When I saw its ad on the side of a bus, I was confused and excited. I was confused because I wasn't sure if it's just another movie or if it's a remake of the tv series that I loved to watch. When I found out that it's a remake, I was excited. Unfortunately, I was duped. It's not a remake. I heard the plot from my sister. An actor (played by Ferrel) wants to remake the tv series. He would playDarrin. He finds a woman (played by Kidman) that can twitch her nose and chooses her to play Samantha, when it turns out that the woman is an actual witch who wants to be just like everybody else.

So sad. They should have remade the tv series straight up. The story of Darrin and Samantha goes as such. They're in the city running their own errands and they keep running into each other. They fall in love, they get married, she tells him she's a witch. He's shocked at first, then accepts her (of course) and he's the one that doesn't want her to use her powers. They have a nice 'ol home and a nosy neighbor, Gladys Kravitz, who has a husband named Abner who doesn't like it that she's nosy. Sam's mother, Endora, doesn't like Darrin because he's a mortal. Their first child is a girl, Tabitha. Sam's Aunt Clara is like a defect witch because everything she does goes haywire, but only because she's really old. Tabitha has powers too.

I haven't seen the movie. When I heard the plot, I didn't really want to see it. I would, though, but I wouldn't pay full ticket price to see it. I'd rather use buy tickets to see "Herbie, Fully Loaded". I wouldn't pay full price to see "The Perfect Man" either, or "Star Wars Episode Three". I'd pay $1.50 for 'em. Yea, Cinema Savers!

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