Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I don't want to go to work, but I suppose I have to. Hah...unless I'm too sore. Psha, I'm making excuses. Anyway.

I've got so much to do. Really. Watch...

Things to Do before next week:
1. Get an oil change because my car is way overdue for one.
2. Buy craft materials for DVBS next week.
3. Organize, arrange, copy DVBS skit and hand them out Sunday.
4. Organize DVBS day itinerary.
5. Type up the craft instructions for DVBS and give them to Lisa, Michelle, and Darwin
6. Go to Verizon and inquire about cell phones because mine is cracked and breaking.
7. Wash t-shirts and put on the iron on, for the raffle.
8. Kill the moth flying around in my room (haha...I can do that now, except I dont know where it went).
9. Prepare for Day Camp.
9a. Make day itinerary.
9b. Type up the lesson/s.
9c. Hand out itinerary and lesson/s to teachers.
9d. Make up crafts.
9e. Type up craft instructions and hand out to teachers.
9f. Buy craft materials.
9g. Prepare games.
9h. Prepare raffle.
9i. Prepare help requisition letters and give to Bro. Peter & Sis. Pia.
9j. Remind Amafel & Kristine to prepare water balloons.
10. Clean room.
11. Clean Sunday School cabinet in church office.
13. Go to work.

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