Thursday, June 30, 2005

Domestic couples now have most of the rights as married couples have.

SF has a law against smoking in parks, with $100 fine for violation. Good. This guy that was interviewed thought that it's not a good thing because "the wind" blows the smoke away, so other people are not really affected. He said it is "other air pollution" that really affects us.

He is a stupid man. Yes, I believe there are stupid people in the world. He's one of them. Some are stupid because they choose to be, and for the life of me, I don't know why. Some are stupid because they were not given the opportunities to excel. Some are stupid because they did not take the opportunities to the fullest. Some are stupid because they blame everything and everyone else around them for whatever situation they are going through instead of doing something about it (which is also a stupid thing to do). Some are stupid because of inflicted physical damage like alcohol and drugs. Some are stupid because of ignorance. Some are stupid because of pride.

I believe that this smoker man is stupid because of pride. Wind will only carry the smoke to other people. It's happened before. I have personally experienced it. A woman was walking about 50 paces in front of my friends and me. We smell smoke and for 30 seconds, could not figure out where it was coming from. Then we saw her. There was a breeze.

It's a huge turn off. Speaking of turn-offs. Here are the things that turn me off, especially when it comes to guys:

1. Stupidity

2. Posers/Wanna-be's

3. Foul mouth

4. Sagging & image dressing.
Image dressing is when one dresses because it's his image. For example, the whole sagging pants, oversized shirts, and bling-bling because the guy's image is ganster. Another exmple, the whole sagging pants, way too expensive jersey, and a towel draped around his neck because he's a jock.

5. Too much jock. This is not my type. I do not like guys who would "invite the guys over to watch to game" or is too much into sports. I like it if he could play, but being obsessive about it is something that make me roll my eyes and say "Ugh."

6. Dumbness. I think there are dumb people in the world.

7. Rudeness. Whatever happened to chivalry?

Here's something else that turns me off BIG TIME.
Immigrants who do not assimilate. Whatever their situation is. Maybe they don't know if they have to assimilate. Maybe they don't want to. Maybe they don't know how to. Whatever. If they have been here years and still have not assimilated, I am deeply annoyed. Don't let your past dictate who you are and who you will be. Just let it be a PART of you.

I support the issue about restricting illigal immigrants from obtaining drivers' licenses. It's not fair for them to have the same rights as immigrants who came here legally. We had to wait years to bring my grandparents here. Immigration botched up my grandfather's papers. He ended up coming a year later than my grandma. My family had to PAY the fees ALL OVER AGAIN even though it was IMMIGRATION's MISTAKE.

What gall do they have to fight for the same rights as legal immigrants? If they are unsafe in their country, then they should be granted refuge. If the illegal immigrant was a child, brought here illegally by his/her parents, grew up in this country and culture, then they should be granted amnesty, after passing some sort of interview or test. I am glad that drivers' licenses are restricted. If they can't come here legally, what makes you so sure they'll follow other laws, especially in driving, which endangers everyone on the road, even pedestrians.

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